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Elyaf Group

Supply chain innovation

We bring together the global supply chain by creating customized, end-to-end supply chain and logistic solutions for brands and retailers. We leverage our current capabilities in regards to manufacturing, supply chain management and product selectivity. What sets us apart is our high degree of flexibility and scalability, which is unrivaled in our industry.

Elyaf Group

Our Strategy

Our vision is simple but bold – we aspire to create the supply chain of the future to help our customers navigate the digital economy and to make life better for one billion people in our supply chain.

We are creating

the supply
chain of the future

About Elyaf Group

Fashion is dynamic, creative and progressive, and so is Elyaf Group.


Our vision is simple and bold - we aim to create a future supply chain to enable our customers to navigate the digital economy and provide a better life for a billion people in our supply chain. While developing our future strategies we examine trends and consider the impact of future trends that will maximize the benefit of our customers


We adhere to good corporate governance principles that emphasize transparency, accountability, and independence. We have high levels of social awareness, so we understand and recognize the variety of behavioral styles exhibited by our co-workers. We believe that this increases shareholder value. With our social compliances, we put the well being of people in the center of our organization and we value our community.


We operate one of the largest global supply chain networks in the world with connection in five different markets ; Turkey, Germany, Spain , UK, France. We bring together all the values and the professionalism to the supply chain . Our aim is to bring the edge that makes the difference to our customers.

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From concept to end product, the design process transforms trends into products that meet today's demanding consumer needs.